Making New of the Old

Remodeling requires a vast set of skill sets. It requires the ability to transform “what is” into “what could be.” Many homeowners find themselves living in outdated homes that no longer meet the needs of their family or a modern day appeal. These homes require a new layout that suits today’s needs and adds value. Keystone Development’s experience in transformation makes it one of the Valley’s most reputable remodeling experts.

Our ability to look at the structural elements and incorporate a modern feel and openness that many of the older homes lack sets us apart from other remodeling contractors. Our portfolio consists of early century farmhouses that have been renovated to homes that require modernization in particular areas, such as bath amenities and other key elements.


“We just used Keystone Development for some remodeling in our home, and cannot sing their praises highly enough! They proved to be reliable, fairly priced, trustworthy, and I felt very comfortable with Brent, and any contractors that he used, in my home. I received constant updates from him, and they kept to schedule, which is hard to find these days! I highly recommend Keystone Development!”

Robbie Honn – Home Owner

“We had just returned from a vacation in Hawaii to find that our house was flooded.” “I contacted Brent Lane the owner of Keystone and was immediately impressed when I visited with him.” “The bonus was that after he quoted us the cost of the restoration with the upgrades, it still came in less than what both of the other companies had quoted us for just the basic work. We hired Keystone and never looked back.” “We have now had the work complete for approximately six months and we love our new home. I would highly recommend anybody that is looking to do a construction job to contact Brent and Keystone for a quote.

Mark Barrick – Home Owner

Let’s make something beautiful together.